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MWP Architects and Interior Designers is the UK based company that understands Russian cultural, legal & building regulation framework. We have carried out projects in Moscow, St Petersburg, London, St Andrews, Fife, Perth, Perthshire, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Dundee, Aberdeen. Our team is skilled in the development of bi-lingual projects and contractual documentation, ensuring that we can support architectural and interior design services in Russia and the UK.

The information below is also available here in Russian.




Designers and architects of Muir Walker & Pride Architects and Interior Designers will design your building from sketches of the initial concept and to working drawings, creating architecture and interior.

We completed projects in Moscow, St. Petersburg, London, St. Andrews, Perth, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Dundee, Aberdeen. MWP will be happy to help you wherever you are.

Our services to discerning customers are: drawings, applications for statutory permissions, contract administration, reconstruction projects, interior decoration and property furnishing. Living and working conditions form the practicality and pleasantness of your day and play a very important role in your well-being and success.

As architects and interior designers, MWP meet your aspirations and requirements, combining originality and imagination with professional skills and practicality. The end results are especially attractive buildings, each of which tells its own story.

We will be glad to hear from you – or call +44 1334 472244 and we will be able to talk about your project in English or Russian.

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MWP specialise in projects of commercial real estate, trade, shops, food courts, hotels and offices. MWP will develop a solution for commercial real estate, focused on your business and financial model. We will advise how to increase the profitability of an existing building, reconstruct it to improve the quality of customer service, improve the production process, or to reconstruct it for a new enterprise. In addition to architectural design and space planning, MWP can provide interior design plans and decoration options with quotations for your budget. If necessary, MWP will advise on supply purchases and contracts.

As a business, we understand the economic factors for effective property management, as this leads to a more lively and successful business. You may need a new accommodation, you need to increase the productivity of your team or improve the quality of customer service through aesthetic renewal. So it can be a repair or redevelopment, a new construction or extension.

If you work in the UK and want to buy a commercial space in Russia, we can help in the selection, negotiation and preparation of construction drawings. Muir Walker Pride provides services in architectural design and interior of commercial and residential buildings – including offices, hotels, shopping centers, university buildings and private schools.

MWP will lead your project across borders, take on the hassle of this process, relieve you of unnecessary trouble.


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The MWP team has developed a large number of excellent high-quality houses, apartments and cottages for individuals, developers and construction companies. MWP provides a full range of design services, starting with an architectural concept and ending with interior design, decoration, furniture specifications, lighting and colour. If you want to rebuild a historic building, for example, include modern utilities and home movies, or build the most modern new housing – we can help you with this. You need to make sure that the building or plot for building a new house meets your needs, and that you have a reasonable chance to obtain a building permit.

    You may need to repair a historic house, repair an old outbuilding in the country estate, or it may be the new construction of modern houses. We work with discerning customers who want the best in the design, finish and functionality of their new property.

If you are looking for residential property in the UK, we will offer you:

– language support and practical advice

– professional services for any real estate related matters

– new design trends and technical innovations

– professional service, including the project submission for approval in Scotland and the UK

– coordination of the international project

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Architecture provides two fundamental qualities for the interior – space and structure. This is why the most successful interiors are the ones that work in harmony with the architectural context. As architects, we offer interior design in itself or as part of your overall architectural design, which can include real estate search, application for statutory planning and other applications.

We’ll talk about the style that suits you better – modern, traditional, historical or mixed. The most successful projects are those in which we understand your aspirations, working with you together on a detailed brief.

The brief will clarify the purpose of an interior design: create an amazing effect? simplify the business operations/ workflow? create a soft welcoming atmosphere? The purpose will lead to designing of the necessary materials, decoration, finishes and colours for your project.

Creating a new style or updating a tired interior are two different approaches, but for both the result should be comfort, good mood, pleasant lifestyle. We can recreate the lost interior to match the historical period and find suitable antique furniture and lighting, select photos and pictures to enhance the effect.

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In addition to knowledge of national and local building contractors, Muir Walker and Pride architects and designers work with the best lighting specialists, manufacturers of contract furniture and fittings, bathroom equipment suppliers, kitchens, home video and music technology, automation, security and decorative finishes. If required, at the end of the project we can help organise management of real estate.


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We will help you to prepare a contract, will visit the construction site and regularly communicate with the contractor. The coordination of the specialised work, such as audio / video, IT, decoration, furniture, kitchen, bathroom, HiFi, lighting, heating, automatic and manual blinds – what can be a time-consuming and troublesome task, we will help to be a happier one.


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MWP is a British company that operates within the framework of Russian cultural, legal and construction regulations.

The planning permissions are required in Russia, similarly to the British authorisation. There are project stages and on completion of each stage, you will be required to obtain statutory permission for the next. You will require to obtain the Building Warrant to be able to carry out construction works. We design within the framework of building codes in the UK and in Russia, recommending optimal construction systems and spatial solutions to meet applicable standards.

There is also a process during construction works known as “contract administration”. At this stage, a project architect will periodically visit the site and maintain project communications. If your company is in the UK or Europe, we can provide you with expert support for your project in Russia – it can be an office, an enterprise or an apartment building. MWP work with colleagues and specialists in Russia, for example, in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Nizhny Novgorod and Kazan. Muir Walker Pride work with local laws to effectively implement projects.

If you are a Russian customer and are looking for a British designer who will provide reliable services and a realisable project, we will provide design, search and selection of a professional project team, applying for formal approvals, advising on the preparation of a legal agreement and contract negotiations for projects in Great Britain and Russia.

If your building is historic and listed, it is possible that you will also require permission to make changes to the internal layout. We will prepare a design project, drawings with an explanatory note and submission for approval.

If you represent a Russian customer and want to invest in Scotland or the UK as a whole, the MWP team has experience developing bilingual project and contract documentation. This includes architectural design, interior design and architectural supervision of projects in Russia and the UK.

MWP strive to minimize the impact of construction on the environment and to encourage natural diversity in projects where possible.

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Perhaps you are planning a purchase of real estate, or are thinking of starting a refurbishment. MWP аrchitects and interior designers can offer a full package of services, from the initial sketch to the completion of construction. Sometimes there are situations when, for example, the project has already passed the first stages. We will then provide a limited service, for example, submitting a project for approval or just choosing furniture for the interior.

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We will discuss your requirements, measure your property and prepare sketches of the original design for discussion. The next step is design drawings and technical drawings for approvals, tender and contract documentation, as well as possible 3D images to illustrate the design if required.


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Perhaps you want to change the decoration and arrange furniture, buy antiques. Sometimes it is necessary to create coziness and atmosphere in a way that only a unique, hand-made object can do. In such cases, antiques are suitable for historical style or will add an interesting character to your modern interior. Muir Walker and Pride will also help to order and deliver furniture, pick up ironmongery, accessories and choose paintings and chandeliers to complete the interior.

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Each project is unique and differs in complexity, and we will advise if you need expert consultants for your project. It can be engineers for structures and networks, estimators, specialists in fire regulations, archaeologists, financiers, utilities, security specialists, consultants on audiovisual equipment. We will coordinate the information between all project participants and integrate the information within the project drawings and specifications.


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Built-in energy-saving technologies and a “passive” housing standard have become an important part of architectural design. We work with the location – the urban plot or the landscape, taking care of the planning of the building taking into account its position, so that the environment plays an important role in saving energy and maximizing the natural lighting of the building.

Care for the environment includes protection of wildlife. We will advise what permits will be needed and what measures the design should include if your project will affect a region of special historical, scientific, cultural or archaeological interest.

Where there is a risk or significant pollution, we cooperate with environmental agencies, national and local institutions to preserve the natural habitat and historic buildings. We effectively cooperate with agencies to reduce and simplify the requirements for the design of the project.

Our projects include geothermal or air heat pumps, solar and photovoltaic panels, wind turbines. There is a need for a new planting of trees, – we will help to make an application for receiving state aid for planting forests. Several of our projects included built-in nest boxes for swifts that are threatened with extinction.

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Our team has considerable experience in developing projects with integrated energy-saving technologies and renewable energy sources. We have successfully developed projects including solar photovoltaic panels (PV), solar panels for water heating, biomass technology, wind turbines, air sources and ground-source heat pumps. If necessary, a combination of renewable and traditional energy sources is possible.

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Choosing the right furniture is the key to how best to use the architectural space and interior. This is what you immediately see and feel, and what creates the first impression. Well-chosen decoration materials and objects can turn a carefully designed interior space into perfection. MWP can design furniture that will be made according to drawings, or pick up the finished furniture for your project. Depending on the type of interior, we will advise suitable masters or contractors for the construction and installation of furniture. We design and supply furniture for recreation, food courts, bars, historic houses, modern houses, reconstruction, to order rooms and offices. For a historic building we will pick furniture, hardware, floor coverings, as if they have always been like this. We can organise the entire process – from design to decoration.

Well thought through lighting will make you and the space practical and beautiful. The quality of the luminaire will determine your perception of space – it can change even from simply changing the place and intensity of the light source, not to mention the amazing possible light effects.

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Many of our projects required the restoration and adaptation of historic buildings for new functions and modern standards of comfort and energy saving. We are convinced that it is necessary to take care of preserving the attractive and historically valuable buildings.

It is possible to save your time and budget, identifying potential problems at the earliest possible stage in the design process. It is likely that a special will be required if you plan to do some works on a listed building. We will prepare and submit the application for a Listed Building consent. We strive to provide relevant authorities with all the information they need to consider and approve projects.

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The possibilities of modern and automated building management systems have been hugely improved. We can assist in the coordination of specialists – suppliers of equipment for energy management, security technology (CCTV, Fire, Intruder and Access control), audiovisual equipment (AV), information technology (IT), lighting programming, heating, electric blinds.


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As architects, we combine an understanding of design with the photographer’s vision for composition and light, to create exceptional images. If you need to present real estate for sale or just create the right impression, high-quality photography will be needed for the owners of buildings, managers, realtors, landlords. We also offer a single package of marketing services for selling your property – a combination of professional photography, floor plans, production of EPC (energy efficiency certificates).

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MWP will prepare the necessary detailed documentation for obtaining prices from contractors and suppliers. This information is coordinated with the cost estimator. This documentation is an important addition to the approved drawings.


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We will help you find real estate that meets your requirements and advise in the negotiation of the purchase. This may be necessary, for example, if you travel regularly or live outside the UK. Perhaps you have seen the property you want to buy – we can look it up with you and advise how suitable the building is for your purpose, before you make a purchase.