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Project Description




The Client requested a “wow” new country house on the site of an old farm building in rural Perthshire. An existing cottage was adjacent to the site and the design of the substantial new home built over 3 floors on a sloping site. The new house that MWP architects designed was influenced by the forms and materials of traditional Scottish architecture in rural Perthshire. The Clients requirement for open plan living and large glazed areas determined that the new house be constructed around a structural steel frame.
The swimming pool, gym and snooker room are in the basement level tucked into the hillside. There is a solarium on the roof and an open glazed gallery and atrium within.
A new pond was created, fed by an existing burn, and the area around the house was landscaped sympathetically to create a natural looking setting. The landscape led into the new 7 hole golf course. MWP architects applied for a Forestry Commission grant on behalf of the Client for substantial areas of new native tree planting.
As the existing private water supply in the area was inadequate for a new house, it was decided that a new water source be found by dowser. Following the dowsers investigations a reliable and pure water supply was found on the second borehole. A new pump house was constructed over the well. MWP architects obtained a grant from the Local Authority to assist with the cost.